Burniske: “Cryptocurrencies Will Go In The Opposite Direction”

Chris Burniske, former ARK Invest analyst and current partner at venture capital firm Placeholder, touched on a misunderstood topic regarding the future of cryptocurrencies. According to Burniske, AI and crypto will evolve together rather than compete as many believe.

It never ceases to amaze me how similar people chasing hot coin balls are to mosquitoes drawn towards the light. Don’t be a mosquito. ‘Crypto is dead, long live AI! Current choir of mosquitoes. In reality, however, both crypto and artificial intelligence will evolve, but good technology can be a bad investment at the wrong price. It is best to search where others are not. One is currently filled with overvalued deals, while the other is overlooked and undervalued. Choose your warrior.

Burniske also targeted crypto bears, who misunderstood that cryptocurrencies would never rise again.

Meanwhile, blockchains are open data networks that act as a substrate for proxy contracts. It will be interesting to work in harmony with automation and machine learning. At some point in the coming years, people will massively realize this and related blockchain systems will see an explosion of demand like NVDA.

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