BTC, XRP, LTC, FTM and LINK Comment from Analyst

Michael van de Poppe marked important levels for XRP, Litecoin, Fantom and Chainlink, which are among the leading members of the market, especially Bitcoin, which made sharp moves up and down after the positive decision for Ripple in the lawsuit filed by the SEC.

Cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe stated that the biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) could drop before continuing upwards after the US court’s positive decision that caused a market-wide rally for XRP, saying:

If Bitcoin stays above $30,800, everything is fine. Otherwise, this was a pretty ugly move and we’re probably going to get some liquidity by moving down for Bitcoin to catch up. The plus side of this is that we will experience a situation where altcoins can continue to gain momentum.

Addressing XRP, which fell like a bomb on the agenda with the partial positive decision of the US court after Bitcoin and gained up to 90 percent in value, Van de Poppe stated that he expected the altcoin to drop a little before continuing its rally:

The range level I expect after the massive rise is the $0.65 to $0.69 range. It will probably take action from here if it continues to rise.

The analyst, who also received a brief update for Litecoin (LTC), which is fast approaching the block reward halving event, expects LTC to continue its uptrend soon, despite being one of the few cryptocurrencies that hardly reacted to the court’s XRP decision:

This is barely moving as the narrative shifts towards other cryptocurrency projects. We need to see if we can stay above $98 as support. If he stays then he may be aiming for higher numbers.

Looking at the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Phantom (FTM) after XRP and LTC on its radar, Van de Poppe said that FTM could move towards $0.33 or even $0.40 with a jump of over 30 percent from current prices. For such a bounce, the price must stay above $0.28-0.29.

Finally, Van de Poppe shared his thoughts on the interoperability blockchain Chainlink (LINK), stating that LINK is still at a great price:

LINK is over $7. I repeat; It’s a must buy for less than $5. This still offers the opportunity of a lifetime.

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