“BTC Will Succeed, But This Winter Could Be Tough”

In a Twitter Spaces speech he attended at the weekend, Elon Musk stated that Sam Bankman-Fried, ex-CEO of FTX, also offered him 3 billion dollars during the purchase process of Twitter, but he understood that he did not have such money in his half-hour conversation with him. He maintains his positive attitude.

Musk wrote on Twitter, “Bitcoin was 69k at this time last year. Now it is at 16 thousand… Where do you think it will be these days next year?” He gave a short answer to the question and said, “Bitcoin will succeed. But this winter can be tough,” he said.

Implying that Bitcoin will eventually rise and reach peak prices again, Musk stated that this may take a process. Is the crypto winter over? Answering the question indirectly, Musk stated that the bear market we are in is not over yet, on the contrary, it may take a little longer. Bitcoin, which fell to $ 15,800 during the day, recovered somewhat with the statements of Binance CEO CZ and accelerated to 16,700.

While Musk made many harsh and insulting words about SBF in the Spaces broadcast he attended this weekend, he also made resounding comments about cryptocurrencies. The richest businessman in the world said, “Holding at least one of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin may be good for the future. We understand the importance of cold wallets better these days,” he said.

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