With the onset of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Bitcoin, which went into a sharp decline and fell below 34 thousand dollars, almost turned the opposite corner at a time when the "not like gold" discussions were made, and yesterday evening, it showed the biggest daily rise in the last 1 year and reached 44 thousand dollars. got on it.

Along with this rise, the chain ironing data platform Glassnode also shared very important information. According to the platform's data, the number of whales holding 1000 or more BTC has increased by 138. The increase in wallets with 100 or more Bitcoins was 205. As it will be remembered, the number of wallets holding between 1000 and 10 thousand BTC experienced a serious decrease in October and fell to 82, which is the level of 2012. At that time, the price of Bitcoin was around 13 dollars.

btc number of adresses

It is noteworthy that this serious increase in the number of whales is accompanied by the sanctions imposed by the Western world on Russia. It was stated that many Russian rich and oligarchs may prefer cryptocurrencies to avoid sanctions, especially in the case of being removed from the SWIFT system. In such a period, the increase in Bitcoin whales is “Russian rich people bought Bitcoin?” gave rise to the question.

In fact, the Ukrainian government had requested exchanges to freeze the cryptocurrency accounts of Russian citizens. Although there was no demand for a complete ban, American officials also asked major stock exchanges to follow the movements in the accounts of especially Russian rich people.