BTC Prepares for Best Opening in the Last 10 Years

Bitcoin started 2023 with a significant recovery. BTC maintained its uptrend throughout January and is poised to record its best January performance in 10 years, with value gains exceeding 40% this month.

While Bitcoin determined the peak price of the month in weekend transactions, the Bitcoin fear and risk appetite index, which is used to measure investor perception, continued to rise. While the index rose to 61 points after rising by 6 points since yesterday, it reflected that the risk appetite continued to increase.

This week, important data will be announced in global markets. In the light of these data, there may be a volatile increase in the Bitcoin market. Among the important data to be announced will be the Fed’s announcement of interest rates on Wednesday. The general view is that the Fed will slow the rate of increase with a 25 basis point increase. On Thursday, interest rates from the European and British central banks are expected. On the last working day of the week, eyes will be on US Non-Farm Payrolls. As we start a data-heavy week, it can be expected that the activity in the crypto money markets will increase.

While Bitcoin has been moving horizontally at the $ 23,000 border for the last 10 days, it closed the week at $ 23,740 with a 3% increase from the $ 23,000 resistance on the closing day of the week, and started the week in the $ 23,700 band by maintaining this upward momentum.

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