BTC Comment From Poppe! “What Will Happen?”

Michael Van De Poppe, an analyst closely followed by cryptocurrency investors, has been waiting for a rise in Bitcoin for a long time. Although Poppe maintains his bullish expectation, BTC still has not managed to gain value.

BTC, which rose to $ 16,850 with a strong reaction after falling to $ 16,250 levels, is currently accumulating below the critical resistance level. BTC, which has not moved for a few days, has caused many investors to wonder about the direction of the breakout.

According to successful analyst Michael Van De Poppe, the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) will make an upside break in the coming days and gain value up to $ 17,500. The popular analyst shared the following words on his official Twitter account:

“Discussed the $16.6K level on the YouTube updates and here. A strong reaction from there, a quick flip of $16,750 as well. If that holds, I’m assuming we break $16.9-17K and target $17.45K on #Bitcoin. Otherwise, looking at longs lower at $16.45K.”

Stating that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin can reach $ 17,500 if it exceeds $ 17 thousand, Poppe emphasizes that if $ 16,450 is lost, the danger bells will start to ring again for the crypto money industry.

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