BSC, one of the successful chain networks, also made a rapid entry into the NFT market. Binance Smart Chain, which has achieved a big break with the new year, is slowly coming to its position in the NFT market. In an environment where the competition in this market is heating up, it makes itself felt with volume. Here is the success of Binance Smart Chain…

BSC has seen an increase in NFT sales volume since January 1, 2022. Binance Smart Chain has been an integral part of the decentralized finance (DeFi) and immutable token (NFT) space since its launch in September 2020. It gained about 1,180% on the NFT. Since the close of January 2022, sales volume has continued exponentially.

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In January, the total volume of sales generated was only about $94,325. That number increased by 1,109, reaching approximately $1.14 million in February 2022.

Between March 18 and March 20, sales volume at BSC increased to approximately $1.21 million. Binance Smart Chain has a huge ecosystem of decentralized lending platforms, decentralized exchanges, stablecoins, crypto wallets and non-tradable tokens. He did all this in a surprisingly short amount of time.

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Several NFT marketplaces have contributed greatly to Binance Smart Chain's enhanced NFT sales volume. Some of these marketplaces are Mobox, NFTrade, AirNFTs and Treasureland.

The above mentioned are the four NFTs with the most sales volume in BSC. Among them, the top 10 NFTs by sales are from Mobox collections. Mobox, part of the MOMOverse, is a gaming platform that uses the combination of farming NFTs through yield farming to create a completely free-to-play ecosystem.

The increase in the number of unique buyers of Mobox positively affected the total number of transactions on BSC. Unique recipients in BSC were approximately 1,785. This was 1,163, a 53% increase in total unique buyers registered in February 2022.

BSC NFTs gained ground in February 2021, the no-fund token event for the first month tracked by CryptoSlam. In February 2021, the total number of unique recipients was 142. This means that March total unique recipients were 1,150% higher than the number of unique recipients registered in the first month of BSC NFT data tracking. Although March continues, the daily volume of NFTs on Binance Smart Chain manages to exceed $50,000.