British Member of Parliament Matt Hancock has called for a “liberal” Bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulation, stating that no country can stop the crypto revolution. “I hate when regulators tell people what they can and cannot do with their money,” the parliamentarian stressed.

Matt Hancock, a conservative member of parliament and former British health minister, reiterated this week the importance of having a “liberal” regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. In an interview with UKTN published on Friday, the parliamentarian explained that the decline in the crypto market has not shaken his confidence in the industry. Hancock made the following statements to the news source:

   "No country can stop this revolution. We can only choose whether it happens on our soil or elsewhere."


In his keynote speech at Crypto A.M.'s fourth anniversary conference, Hancock called for an "attractive" tax system and "liberal" regulatory regime to help the UK become the "preferred territory for cryptocurrencies".

   "Britain succeeds when it embraces new technology."

Speaking to UKTN, he reiterated his view that regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrencies must be liberal if the nascent industry is to be successful:

   "I hate when regulators tell people what they can and can't do with their money. The job of regulators is to make sure that high quality information is available and the market is functioning effectively. Does the UK have the authority to tell people what they can and cannot invest in? I think this is extremely arrogant. "

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Michael Saylor Still Trusts Bitcoin

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, one of the most important supporters of the crypto market, continues to support digital assets even if Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, collapses. Michael Saylor, who has made statements about Bitcoin at some times on Twitter, in his last tweet "You will have Bitcoin, you will be happy." used the phrases.

Saylor, who said that his investors who own Bitcoin would be happy, received a very harsh reaction from many of his followers. Bitcoin, which has lost 75% of its value in an average of 9 months, has caused altcoins to experience larger collapses. Although the leading cryptocurrency has been showing upward movements in recent days, the threat of the FED on the crypto sector has not disappeared yet.