Brevan Howard begins selling Lido DAO

The boring trend in the cryptocurrency industry continues. The fact that Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency, still cannot make an upward or downward breakout, naturally causes investors’ interest in the sector to dull. Although we generally witness large investors making purchases in this process, from time to time, large investors can also sell in such periods.

According to information provided by Spot On-Chain, a successful data provider, Brevan Howard Digital (formerly Dragonfly Capital) started selling on Lido DAO (LDO). Here is the latest information shared by Spot On-Chain on its official Twitter account:

Brevan Howard Digital (formerly Dragonfly Capital) transferred a total of 750 thousand LDOs to Binance and Coinbase Custoday at an average price of $ 1.57 (valued at $ 1.18 million) in the last 3 days. VC last sent LDO to CEX on May 17 (114 days ago) at an average price of $2.28. Brevan Howard Digital currently holds a total of 7.08M LDOs (valued at $10.8 million).

The fact that Brevan Howard Digital has a $10 million LDO is scaring investors. If the famous VC continues to sell in the future, serious decreases may occur in LDO.

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