Brave Powers Its Web3 Browser! NFT Move!

With the recent entry of large companies into the Web3 field, studies in the Web3 field are also increasing. At this point, Brave, one of the Web3 internet browsers, announced its new feature. One of the services offered by the Brave web browser, Brave Talk’s new tool for the video service allows hosts to use NFTs and POAPS to manage access to calls.

Brave, one of its Web3-integrated browsers, is adopting NFTs by adding token-gated video calls to the user experience. This new tool, added to the Brave Talk video service already offered by Brave to its users, allows hosts to use NFTs and POAPS to manage access to calls. According to Brave, this feature can be used by NFT projects to chat with other owners.

Performed calls are available to all Brave Talk users with a premium subscription on any caller with any Web3 wallet. This feature offered by Brave is only compatible with Ethereum-based NFTs for now. The following statements were used in the statement made by Brave on the subject:

In the future, hosts may grant access or send crypto to participants based on certain token balances or previous ownership of a token.

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