Bottom Implication For Bitcoin From Binance CEO

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has recently faced a major FUD operation. The departure of Mazars from the sector after the reports of WSJ and Reuters deeply affected the investors.

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a 10 percent drop from $ 18,500 to $ 16,500 due to this FUD environment.

Many crypto money investors are walking away from the sector with fear as of now. The possible bankruptcy of Binance or huge exchanges such as is expected to bring very sharp drops in the sector. Recently, Binance founder CZ shared a new tweet. Implying that we are at the bottom, the popular manager conveyed the following words:

Stating that investors flock to buy at the peak points, CZ states that at the lowest levels, everyone is afraid to invest. As of now, although Bitcoin is at very critical levels, it is not known whether it will start a new uptrend from this point. BTC, which seems very difficult to drop to 12 thousand dollars in line with the expectations of investors, seems to disappoint the names waiting for the new bottom.

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