Bottom Forecast for BTC and ETH from Peter Brandt

Peter Brandt, an important analyst and commentator closely followed by the crypto money industry and financial markets, shared a new tweet on his official Twitter account about what happened in the crypto money industry. Citing his assessment of the declines in the cryptocurrency sector on the last cover of The Economicst, Brandt argues that these news are actually positive for digital assets.

The recent cover of The Economicst, as well as the weekly issue of Bloomberg, which includes the declines in the cryptocurrency sector, could be a big signal. Successful analyst Peter Brandt shared the following words about these moves:

“This is the type of news that comes at or near a major market bottom $BTC $ETH”

Although the general perception in the crypto money industry is “bear season is not over yet” for now, according to Peter Brandt, Bitcoin may have ended the declines at $ 15,500. Although the bankruptcy of FTX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world until the past weeks, started a capitulation phase in the market, it is not known how long this process will continue. According to many commentators, it is not known when the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), which can end the bear season in the range of 12 thousand – 16 thousand dollars, will rise again.

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