Bob Iger Becomes CEO of Disney Again

Metaverse backer Bob Iger has announced that Disney’s current CEO, Bob Chapek, has taken over, making a surprise return. Iger is best known for serving as CEO for 15 years at Disney, the global entertainment industry. The Disney executive became even more well-known in the crypto community after becoming a director, advisor, and investor at Genies, a digital avatar platform running on Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain. Iger used the following statements:

“I’m excited to join the Genies Board to help Akash Nigam and the company empower people to create Web3’s mobile apps, avatar ecosystems.”

Iger was still a director and chairman of the board at Disney when the company filed for a patent on the metaverse on Dec. The aforementioned patent has been applied for a “virtual world simulator in a real-world location.” Also, according to the file, this patent will allow Disney park visitors to use their mobile phones to create and project 3D effects on nearby physical spaces such as walls.

On the other hand, Disney said that it has no current plans to use this virtual world simulator. The company has not yet announced any patent-related products. Iger’s return as CEO is said to be temporary. During his tenure as CEO at Disney, Iger will work with the board of directors to define the company’s strategies. Iger will also work together to develop the successor until his mission is complete.

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