BNB Chain Introduces Greenfield

Blockchain network BNB Chain has introduced Greenfield, its new Web3 platform for developers to gain control over their own data. The main developer team of BNB Chain has published a whitepaper on GitHub for Greenfield, the new Web3 network based on data storage. According to the details found in the whitepaper, Greenfield will act as a distributed storage of user data through the network’s native token, BNB.

Victor Genin, one of the BNB Chain executives, made the following statement after the whitepaper was revealed:

“BNB Chain is introducing a new option for data and property privacy with the new Web3 platform BNB Greenfield. Greenfield will bring automation of data ownership as well as earning reward BNB tokens over stored data.”

Greenfield is the third platform in the ecosystem after BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain. Beacon Chain plays a role in the governance of the BNB network, while Smart Chain competes with Ethereum in the industry with smart contracts. The BNB team is looking to start the testing process of the new platform in the coming months. The developers have already collaborated with AWS (Amazon), NodeReal and Blockdaemon.

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