Blur Wants to Become the Market Leader of the NFT Industry

NFT sector started to move again with the new year. In this direction, NFT marketplaces have started to become popular again. Blur, a newcomer to the sector, has recently attracted attention. In fact, Blur’s performance began to challenge OpenSea, the market leader. OpenSea’s dominance and leadership in total NFT sales over the industry continues. Although OpenSea maintains its market leadership, new platforms stand against OpenSea as a threat.

According to data provided by Delphi Digital, NFT sales volume on Blur reached $484 million in the last month of 2022. This amount of volume achieved is almost double the volume in OpenSea during the same period. Blur wants to maintain its position in the industry and continue to grow.

Since its launch on October 19, 2022, Blur has seen a massive increase in its unique active wallets (UAW), according to data from DappRadar. That means the platform has more than tripled wallet addresses since its launch.

The number of unique traders trading on Blur has increased by 16% to 4353 in the last 24 hours. In the same time period, OpenSea’s data decreased by about 6%. According to the report by DappRadar, the reason for the rapid adoption of Blur is the effect of its high processing speed and user-friendly interface.

Total value (TVL) locked in bid pools on Blur reached an all-time high of $35.52 million, according to DefiLlama. This is considered as an indication that the platform is being used actively. According to Dune Analytics, the average number of transactions per user is 3.6 for Blur, compared to less than three for OpenSea.

On the other hand, the community of NFT marketplace Blur is eagerly awaiting the launch of the platform’s native token “$BLUR”, which is expected to launch on February 14, 2023. As it will be remembered, the platform has airdropped more than once in the last three months and distributed BLUR tokens to users. It is stated that these distributed airdrops are one of the most important factors behind the popularization of the platform and the increase in the number of users.

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