In the report, written by Bloomberg's senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone, strong expectations for Bitcoin for 2022 were written.

In the report, it is stated that the cryptocurrency technology, which has become widespread in the USA after the Chinese ban, offers new opportunities.

   “We think the US will embrace cryptocurrencies with appropriate regulation in 2022.”

According to Bloomberg's report; It is written that the tightening policy of the FED in 2022 can benefit Bitcoin.

   “There may be a decline in the stock market in 2022. This could create a win-win model for Bitcoin. Crypto is becoming a digital store of value. From the falling market and more central bank incentives, crypto could emerge as the primary winner.”

Regarding the expectations of $ 100,000 in Bitcoin, there are the following statements;

   “Bitcoin remains on the $100,000 trajectory. According to the current route, Bitcoin is on its way to becoming mainstream by 2022. Decreased supply and increased demand can keep us on this trajectory. It's just a matter of time.”

The report also stated that Bitcoin could be much more than a digital version of gold. The following determinations were made about whether Bitcoin will experience a new rally in 2022;

   “The key question is will we see a peak in 2022 or will we just see a bull market that continues to consolidate? We believe that the latter will happen. Cryptocurrencies are on their way to becoming a global collateral. We think $50,000 will be the main support and $100,000 will be the main resistance in 2022.”