Jack Dorsey's company, Block, announced that the Bitcoin (BTC) wallet they created will have a fingerprint sensor.

“We are creating a wallet that will be easy to use for everyone.” In the statement, it was stated that the wallet will have a fingerprint feature and the transactions will be confirmed in this way.

The company made the following statements in the statement:

   “For transactions that require wallet hardware, we want our customers to unlock their wallets securely and easily. This is a combination that hasn't been in the market in the past.”

The wallet in question will come with a mobile app. Users will manage their money through the mobile app, but will require confirmation from the hardware wallet to allow transactions larger than the amount they set.

jack dorsey block

It will be screenless so as not to force learning a new interface

The device will have a rechargeable lithium polymer battery and will use USB-C as a port. Block stated that he did not want to create a new interface that needs to be learned in order to use the wallet, and informed that the wallet will not have a screen.

Block, which previously used the Square name, announced its Bitcoin hardware wallet plan last June. Dorsey said that at that time they dreamed of a wallet that was suitable for mobile phones, quickly and where everyone could easily access their funds.


El Salvador's Bitcoin-backed bond may be delayed amid Russia-Ukraine uncertainty.

The Finance Minister of El Salvador made a statement about the country's Bitcoin bond issuance. The statement said the bond was almost ready, but its time was affected by the war agenda. As it is known, the country's Bitcoin-backed bond move aims to finance Bitcoin City and make it easier to buy more Bitcoins.

The country's finance minister, Alejandro Zelaya, says the Bitcoin-backed bond could launch in a few days, but the war in Ukraine came as a surprise: