Metaverse and NFT sectors continue to increase their popularity in the recent period. Finally, he witnessed the Metaverse projects at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). While many companies, including Meta (Facebook), did not attend the fair due to the pandemic, giants such as Accenture, Hyundai, Nvidia and Samsung were among the big companies that promoted the metaverse.

The event, which will host more than 2,200 participants and where crypto money and NFT companies will share their new features with electronic device and TV manufacturers, takes place between 5-7 January 2022.

From a blockchain industry perspective, participants grouped under the cryptocurrency category include derivatives and NFT exchange FTX, NFT Software and hardware developers Atomic Form, as well as NFT platform Blockparty.

The statement of the panel named Decrypting Crypto includes the following statements.

   “Are stablecoins really stable? How are traditional banks embracing crypto? Should my company accept crypto payments?”

The roster includes Nadkami, Tsao, Transform Ventures CEO Michael Terpin, and Blockchain Association executive director Kristin Smith.

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According to the conference organizer, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), many top brands will use it to promote developments in Metaverse technology such as “hardware, software, blockchain and cryptocurrency” at the event.

Samsung's CES plans include the announcement of the NFT platform for new smart TVs. About the company that is accelerating its blockchain efforts, CTA executive Brian Comiskey told The Australian.

   “We are really looking forward to Samsung. Alongside the smartphone developments at the show, it will be interesting to watch hardware Metaverse solutions. They will even show what televisions can do in the Metaverse space. They are trying to be the first name that comes to mind in internet-based economy and technology solutions.”

While talking about the interest of mainstream companies, Comiskey voiced his bullish expectations about cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and NFTs. He emphasized "the evolution of payments and the transformation of commerce" among the topics that will rise with the Metaverse.

   “I think NFT and cryptocurrencies present a real opportunity for blockchain to become more popular with consumers.”