Bitmain is launching FIL miner

China-based mining device manufacturer Bitmain has also decided to step into the Filecoin industry. Starting tomorrow, the company is offering its newly manufactured FIL mining devices, priced at $38,800.

Bitmain will also offer “staking” services to its customers who purchase these new devices, upon request. In return for this service, an activity fee of only 0.5% per month will be charged.

Bitmain’s production of machines for Filecoin also stands out as a bold step. The company, which also has many buyers in the USA, is in a way opposing the SEC, although it is not directly related. As you may remember, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sent a Filecoin warning to Grayscale company in June. The institution requested that Filecoin should be classified as an investment contract, therefore the application for the FIL product should be withdrawn. Grayscale, on the other hand, officially announced that it opposes this request.

A long text on the subject was also published from Filecoin’s governance group, and it was stated that the SEC’s claims were not true. Trading company Cumberland also stopped its Filecoin transactions after the SEC warning.

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