Bitcoin Whales Enter 2023 Buoyantly

As the crypto money industry, we have left another year behind. In 2022, when many developments, crises and changes were experienced, one of the most prominent movements was undoubtedly whales. As many dormant whales wake up, we have witnessed new whales being born. In 2022, El Salvador and MicroStrategy were not the only ones who bought Bitcoin in the drops. Whales also continued their frequent Bitcoin purchases, taking advantage of the dips. However, on the first day of the year, not much seems to have changed.

Bitcoin whales are generally thought to have the ability to influence the market and move prices because of their enormous wealth. Whales are followed by many bots as they can lead to significant shifts in the supply and demand of Bitcoin. Generally, bulk selling of whales is interpreted as a decrease in price, and if they buy in bulk, it is interpreted as an increase in price. For this reason, whales that are closely followed maintain their appetite in 2023.

So much so that, according to the data of BitInfoCharts, which focuses on Bitcoin whales, 3 whales made the first large amount of Bitcoin (BTC) purchases of the address year. The first of the detected addresses has approximately 59,299 Bitcoins (BTC), and the address has recently added the last 4,000 of these BTCs to its holdings. According to the prices calculated as of the writing of the news, the address that holds 979.3 million dollars of Bitcoin has not been identified yet.

Another detected address is defined as “Bitcoin Wallet 71981558”. Interestingly, the address 71981558 is in constant reception. The address, which makes an average of 7 purchases a day, continues its purchases in 2023 and holds approximately 16,588 BTC in its vault. Finally, let’s mention that the largest over-the-counter Bitcoin address holds approximately 124,348.40 Bitcoin (BTC) and the value of this address is over $2 billion with the current price.

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