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“Bitcoin Ordinals Must Switch To Cardano”

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, who recently attended a question-and-answer event on YouTube, shared his thoughts on Bitcoin Ordinals, which has recently captured a significant movement in the Bitcoin blockchain. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson thinks Bitcoin Ordinals should switch to Cardano. The reason for this is Cardano’s infrastructure and features.

Emphasizing the network’s superior infrastructure and capabilities, Hoskinson stated that he believes the Cardano ecosystem will be a more suitable home for Bitcoin Ordinals. Charles also acknowledged that Cardano’s robust ecosystem is actually challenging for hosting Bitcoin Ordinals.

The Cardano founder also stated that with its advanced technological infrastructure and focus on scalability, Cardano offers a more comprehensive solution to meet the expanded data requirements of Bitcoin Ordinals. We can also say that the Bitcoin Ordinals texts, which have been on the agenda in the crypto money market recently, have exceeded 10 million recently.

With the launch of Ordinals, there was a major bottleneck in the Bitcoin blockchain in February. Following this congestion, some users highlighted that the Ordinals project is taking up useful block space, leading to higher fees. Hoskinson’s proposal to integrate Bitcoin Ordinals into the Cardano ecosystem reflects his commitment to advancing the development of blockchain technology.

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