The recent decline in cryptocurrencies has also caused the revenues of crypto miners to decrease in dollar terms. The difficulty level of the network also decreased as other miners who could not replace the miners who pulled their chips could not keep up with the current difficulty. This means that active miners earn higher Bitcoin (BTC) in the overall pie share.

Network Difficulty

Bitcoin Mining Network Difficulty

Bitcoin continues to give miners a hard time after the recent decline. So much so that with the decrease in the price of the asset, the falling profit rates force the miners. Especially after the end of May, when the mining difficulty increased to 31,251t, the current difficulty of 27,693t as of the writing of our content in August has reduced the profitability rates of mining systems.

Fees Per Transaction (USD)

Average Payout Per Block

As the volatility in the cryptocurrency markets continues, the amount of payouts per block continues to show volatility. As of writing our content, the average payment amount is 3,741K.

Scraper Revenue

Bitcoin Mining Revenues

After the decline in the crypto money markets, the price of Bitcoin declined to the $ 18,000 band, but then again rose to the $ 23,000 band. However, although it is a good rise compared to the bottom level, this price, which is far from the top of Bitcoin (BTC) $ 69,000, also reduced the income of miners in dollar terms. So much so that as of the writing of our content, the dollar-based income of miners is at the level of 22,797m. However, it should be noted that this figure decreased to 13,928m in mid-July.

Bitcoin mining revenues have also fallen recently. However, publicly traded mining companies also experienced a rise in stocks. Among these companies, BIT mining experienced the biggest increase with 11.05 percent.