The violence in Kazakhstan had a wide impact on the world public opinion. The people, who opposed the rule of the Nazarbayev family, revolted and turned into a battlefield. Kazakhstan President Cömert Tokayev invited the Russian army to the country to stand up against the rebels. This statement of Tokayev, who ordered the shooting of the people participating in the protests without warning, was met with a reaction by the world public opinion.

The events in Kazakhstan also affected the crypto world. Because after China's decision to ban cryptocurrencies, Kazakhstan has turned into the world's largest Bitcoin (BTC) mining center. 18 percent of the Bitcoin hash rate was located in Kazakhstan. The electricity and internet blackouts after the uprising caused the mining operations to be disrupted. The mining hashrate in Kazakhstan has therefore dropped.

While negative events continue to occur in Kazakhstan, which is one of the important castles of mining activities, good news came from Spain.

Maria Munoz, a member of the Congress of Deputies from the Spanish Citizens Party, expressed that she wants to make Spain a Bitcoin mining center.

Spain Bitcoin

Sharing on his Twitter account, Munoz stated that the events in Kazakhstan also affected Bitcoin, and asked the government some questions and asked for their answers in writing.

   "The protests in Kazakhstan have repercussions around the world: also for #Bitcoin. We propose that Spain position itself as a safe destination for investments in cryptocurrencies to develop a flexible, efficient and safe sector."

With his first question, Munoz asked the government if he was “aware of the impact of the drop in the global hashrate on the crypto industry in Spain.”

Secondly, he asked if the government plans to attract cryptocurrency miners who may have to leave the country due to the internet outage in Kazakhstan.

Finally, the Spanish lawmaker briefed the government on how energy efficient the Bitcoin mining industry is.

Maria Munoz's proposal to make Spain a mining center received a lot of backlash on Twitter. One of those who reacted to this was Ernest Urtasun, a member of the European Parliament.

In his comments, Urtasun stated that he thinks this initiative is a “bad joke” because of the damage Bitcoin causes to the environment.

   "What bad joke is this? Bitcoin mining is an environmental aberration. And cryptocurrencies are an unstable and unregulated financial activity (the first European regulation that will establish standards is very early in its legislative process)."