According to on-chain data, the reserve of Bitcoin miners continues to increase gradually. With this increase, reserves reached the highest level in the last 6 months. According to statistics, reserves continue to increase from June.

In June, many Bitcoin miners disposed of a significant portion of their holdings in a short period of time. This situation also had an impact on the Bitcoin price. In June, the BTC price was at the level of $30,000. Since then, miners have changed their minds. According to CryptoQuant's chart, miners are now HODLing their mined Bitcoins. In this way, the reserve of Bitcoin miners has reached the highest level in 6 months. An analyst from CryptoQuant evaluated the situation as follows.

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   “Other than some slight net distribution at times, this accumulation trend has not changed at all”

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There is another bullish signal in the data provided by the company. That is, larger organizations have begun to withdraw substantial amounts of Bitcoin from centralized exchanges. The current situation is quite similar to September, when Bitcoin soared by 70 percent in a matter of weeks.