Last week, a net outflow of $141 million was seen in cryptocurrency-based mutual funds, which institutional investors are interested in. Total assets under management (AuM) of companies fell to $38 billion, the lowest level since July 2021.

According to data shared by Coinshares, a net outflow of $141 million was seen in crypto-asset investment products last week. While Coinshares analysts emphasized that the increased volatility in recent days is seen as an opportunity by some investors, the overall bearish sentiment indicates that investors are undecided.

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Last week, there was a $12.4 million inflow in the European market versus $154 million in outflows from crypto-asset funds in the US market. According to the latest situation, the value of assets under management (AuM) of investment companies is $ 38 billion, which is the lowest value after the bottom level in July last year.

Bitcoin funds, which have the largest share in this field with a value of $ 25 billion, saw an outflow of $ 153.5 million last week, according to the data. Ethereum-based funds, which are in second place with $ 8.6 billion, saw a limited drop of $ 300 thousand last week. On the other hand, Ethereum funds saw an outflow of $ 44 million this month, while they were the funds with the most outflows, with $ 239 million since the beginning of the year.

Bitcoin-based funds, on the other hand, remain at a net positive value of 187 million dollars since the beginning of the month and 307 million dollars since the beginning of 2022.

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Funds consisting of multiple crypto assets continue with AUM of $3.48 billion, following Bitcoin and Ethereum funds. These funds, on the other hand, saw a net inflow of $9.7 million in total last week, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum. These assets have received $185 million in funding since the start of the year. This shows that institutional investors prefer to invest in a basket of cryptos rather than investing in a single asset during times of uncertainty.

On the other hand, among the asset funds based on altcoins, there were low inflows of one million dollars each to Cardano and Polkadot funds. Blockchain capital-based investment products, on the other hand, saw a total outflow of $20 million based on sales in the stock market.