Grayscale says that Bitcoin (BTC) remains the most popular cryptocurrency in the US, but BTC investors are also investing in other digital assets.

He stated that especially 4 altcoins received a lot of support from Bitcoin investors.

In its third annual Bitcoin investor study with 1,000 US consumers, Grayscale reported that the most popular altcoin among BTC holders is the leading smart contract platform Ethereum (ETH). Others were listed as follows;


  • 44% of BTC holders invest in DOGE.

Litecoin (LTC)

  • The report also shows that 26% of BTC holders own Litecoin (LTC), making it the third most popular altcoin on the list.


  • LTC is followed by Cardano (ADA). 15% of Bitcoin investors surveyed have ADA.

Bitcoin holders are investing in other digital assets as new tokens emerge in the crypto market amid the growing popularity of new crypto sectors such as DeFi and the metaverse.