Bitcoin Futures ETF Adopted in Argentina

In Argentina, which has been struggling with inflation for years and where a significant portion of its people invest in cryptocurrencies, the securities regulator CNV has approved the investment in Bitcoin’s futures price index. Thus, investors will be able to invest in the largest cryptocurrency without having to buy Bitcoin. It was stated that the step was taken within the scope of CNV’s strategic innovation program, and it was noted that it was also aimed to adapt to new technologies.

In this sense, the investment parity of Bitcoin will be with the Argentine peso. The Bitcoin index will be determined by different numbers from many different price providers. Money investment transactions will also be made through banks and will also be in Argentine pesos. It was noteworthy that Binance CEO CZ also shared the news on his Twitter account.

As it will be remembered, a loan agreement of approximately 50 billion dollars was signed between the Argentine government and the IMF last year. One of the conditions put forward by the IMF for the approval of this loan was that Bitcoin purchases were made difficult.

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