Bitcoin Forecast from ChatGPT

AI bot ChatGPT was asked about Bitcoin’s bullish scenario. Answering that it is impossible to see the future, ChatGPT did not hesitate to make price predictions, however.

While the banking crisis in the USA increased the interest in limited-supply assets, Bitcoin also managed to rise from the events. While investors are questioning whether a new bull season is coming in cryptocurrencies, there is a significant group of analysts waiting for a decline. While all these questions began to be discussed thoroughly, especially with the $ 1 million estimate of the former CTO of Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, a price estimate came from ChatGPT, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence-based chatbot, which attracted crazy attention.

The robot, which the Finbold team asked about its future prediction, estimates a price of 150 thousand dollars for 2024. The program, which predicted 175 thousand dollars in 2025 and 200 thousand dollars in 2026, estimated a price of 300 thousand dollars for 2030. However, it is worth remembering that ChatGPT also gives many different answers to Bitcoin questions from time to time. The system, which has been asked many estimation questions on Twitter before, makes predictions of sometimes 500 thousand dollars and sometimes 1 million dollars for 2030. The bot also states before giving its predictions that it is just a chat and text bot and it is impossible to see the future.

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