The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), which started last week, has left itself on the rise today, albeit a little. BTC price lost 30% in 7 days and this drop destroyed the entire cryptocurrency market. In these falls, whales were again the ones that took the stage the most. The whales took the opportunity of the fall and started to move in the direction of buying.

Some of the biggest Bitcoin whales in the world have made transfers of billions of dollars. According to the information conveyed by Whale , the value of the latest transfers is over $ 2 billion. Whale in particular spotted five big signings. Each of these was carried out within minutes of each other and has an average transfer value of $205 million. It is seen that approximately 10,000 BTC is transferred in each transfer, that is, 205 million dollars are transferred.


Most of these transfers were made from Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange to unknown wallets. This means that a whale makes a large purchase and the received BTCs are transferred to cold wallets. Looking at the on-chain data, it is seen that there is a BTC outflow from exchanges to cold wallets, that is, the amount of Bitcoin waiting to be sold on exchanges has decreased.

Whale subsequently discovered a series of transfers worth a total of $1 billion. While 11,444 BTC was transferred from Gemini exchange to Xapo, 6,500 BTC and then 10,000 BTC were transferred from Gemini to unknown wallets. Although no clear details are given in the statement made by Whale , the fact that this is done from unknown wallets shows that the whales are taking action. On the other hand, it did not go unnoticed that Binance, the world's largest stock exchange, received more than 100,000 Bitcoin ($1.9 billion) during the day.