A group of members of Congress, including US Senator Elizabeth Warren and US Representative Jared Huffman, sent a letter to the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), asking regulators to provide information on emissions and energy use by crypto miners. expressed their wishes. Legislators also stated that they requested information on their energy consumption from seven Bitcoin mining companies.

“No company has provided full and complete information in response to our questions,” the letter sent to the regulators said. Legislators demanded that the EPA and DOE “work together to enforce reporting of emissions and energy use by crypto miners.” According to information compiled by lawmakers, the miners in question use a total of 1,045 megawatts, and the number is expected to increase to at least 2,399 megawatts "in the next few years". Members of Congress called these results "disturbing" and noted that miners were responsible for a large and "rapidly growing" amount of carbon emissions. It also stated that “very little is known about the full scope of crypto mining activities.”

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UK Holds Meetings With Crypto Executives

According to the meeting diaries published on the UK government's website, it was revealed that John Glen, the economic secretary at the time, held meetings with crypto companies such as Binance, Paxos, Coinbase and Circle in February and March to “discuss crypto assets”. For the same purpose, meetings were held with venture capital firms a16z and Kingsway Capital, as well as point-of-sale software provider Epos Now.

Rishi Sunak, the former economic minister of the Conservative Party, who is currently the Prime Minister candidate of the Conservative Party, met with Sequoia managing partner Dauglas Leone to "discuss the UK's Venture Capital sector". In his previous statements, Sunak had visited California at the end of last year and met with representatives of Sequoia and a16z, and held meetings with companies such as Bitwise, Celo, Solana and Iqoniq. With Sunak becoming British prime minister, the country's crypto-friendly policies are expected to continue. The meetings preceded the announcement in April 2022 that the UK Treasury plans to issue stablecoins and issue its own NFTs through the Royal Mint.