While the crypto money market, which has been in a downward trend since November, struggles to overcome the effects of the large-scale retreat that came with the collapse in LUNA and UST in May, there was a major crisis in the markets as of June 13 this time.

With the withdrawal of Bitcoin (BTC) up to the 20 thousand dollar band, there were great losses in the altcoins wing, while these withdrawals affected the miners as well as the investors. According to the data obtained, Bitcoin miners moved 88 thousand Bitcoins to various exchanges in just 1 day. This level was recorded as a record for the number of Bitcoins moved to exchanges in a single day.

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Bitcoin Miners Moved Record Level of Bitcoin to Exchanges in a Single Day!

Bitcoin (BTC) miners moved 88,000 Bitcoins to various exchanges on Wednesday alone, according to data provided by on-chain analytics company CoinMetrics. This level was recorded as the highest level seen in a single day so far, and this record, which was broken in terms of the number of Bitcoins, was also broken in terms of dollar value. Thus, Bitcoin miners moved 1 billion 940 million dollars of Bitcoin to the stock markets in just 1 day. Many mining companies have recently announced that they can sell Bitcoin.

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Mining Companies Start Selling Bitcoin

Among the mining companies that signaled that they could sell Bitcoin in order to make new investments and provide liquidity due to the economic crisis in the world, Core Scientific company, for example, sold 2,700 Bitcoins in May alone. On the other hand, in March and April, mining companies Argo Blockchain and Riot Blockchain companies also made Bitcoin sales. It is eagerly awaited whether the sales will continue in the miners' wing, and if so, how much longer.