Binance’s Listed Radiant Capital (RDNT) Price Rises

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced the listing of Radiant Capital (RDNT). With a total supply of 1 billion, of which only 175 million are in circulation, RDNT was launched in the “Innovation Zone”, where the stock market generally lists tokens and cryptos with a high risk threshold.

RDNT; BTC, USDT and TUSD pairs are traded today. At the time of the listing news, investors bought from other exchanges where the token was listed, and the RDNT price rose more than 30%.

RDNT withdrawals on Binance will be launched tomorrow. In the statement, it was also stated that the zero commission policy will be applied for the transactions to be made in the RDNT/TUSD parity. As it will be remembered, Binance generally showed this application in BUSD parities, but the news of the ban from the USA to PAXOS caused this policy to switch to TUSD. RDNT will also be available for isolated margin transactions 48 hours after the start of the listing. The trading parity here will be RDNT/USDT.

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