Binance Will Support Harmony and IoTeX Updates

Binance Will Support Harmony (ONE) and IoTeX (IOTX) Updates The Harmony network upgrade and hard fork is scheduled to occur at 08:51 on July 20, 2023 at Harmony block height 44,630,016. ONE deposits and withdrawals will be temporarily suspended from around 08:00 on the same day. Similarly, the IoTeX network upgrade and hard fork will occur at IoTeX block height of 24,838,201 at approximately 02:00 on July 20, 2023.

Deposits and withdrawals to IOTX will be temporarily suspended from 01:00 on the same day. It is important to note that ONE and IOTX trading will not be affected during network upgrades and hard forks. Users will be able to continue trading these tokens as usual. While certain block heights are provided for upgrades and hard forks, the timings stated are approximate and intended for users’ reference.

Binance will address all relevant technical issues for users holding ONE and IOTX in their Binance accounts. This means users do not need to take any action on their own to ensure a smooth transition during upgrades. Additionally, it should be noted that these network upgrades and hard forks will not result in the generation of new tokens. Existing ONE and IOTX tokens will continue to be used in their respective networks. Binance will reopen deposits and withdrawals for ONE and IOTX once the upgraded networks are deemed stable. Users will not receive a separate notification regarding this matter.

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