Binance Supports pNetwork Recovery Plan

Binance has announced that it will support the recovery plan for pNetwork (PNT), which was hacked and caused huge losses to investors. As part of its support for the recovery plan, the exchange will distribute BNB to pGALA holders via AirDrop. In the statement made by the crypto money exchange, the following note fell.

“Binance will support the pNetwork (PNT) recovery plan to distribute BNB (BEP20) to pGALA (BEP20) holders via AirDrop. pGALA (BEP20) tokens, 03/11/2022 22.49 to 07/11/2022 11:00am Binance Smart It is defined as GALA tokens deposited on Binance via Chain (BSC). As detailed in the pNetwork (PNT) team’s recovery plan, the last snapshot was taken on 11/07/2022 at 11:00 am.”

The statement stated that only users who deposited pGALA (BEP20) on Binance between 03/11/2022 22.49 and 07/11/2022 11:00 will be able to benefit from BNB AirDrop, and affected users will be notified via email regarding the completion of the distribution of BNB AirDrop. . The cryptocurrency exchange will give eligible users 0.00000109 BNB for 1 pGALA. On the other hand, GALA holders on Binance will not be able to receive the BNB AirDrop.

On November 4, it came as a shock that an address on BNB Chain minted over $1 billion in pGALA tokens and sold it on PancakeSwap, earning $4.5 million. According to the pNetwork team, approximately $1.5 billion worth of GALA mints were minted by the anonymous hack. Trying to sell them on decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges through BSC, the hacker pocketed about $ 4.5 million. The pNetwork team, which closed the liquidity pools and rolled up its sleeves for the necessary work, has been working on covering the losses of the investors affected by the attack since then.

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