Binance's mining pool Binance Pool said on Thursday that it will support Ethereum Classic (ETC) as it moves to Ethereum Proof of Stake (PoS) after Merge. In addition, Binance Pool is offering “zero” mining fees for ETC mining until October 9.

Binance Pool is among the best mining pools in the world. Currently, Binance Pool is the 7th largest mining pool for ETC mining and 12th for Ethereum (ETH) mining. Binance Pool will support ETC mining because miners will be outdated after Merge.

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To attract miners to use the mining pool for ETC mining, Binance Pool is offering zero fees for ETC mining from September 9th to October 9th. Users need to complete their credentials to join their mining account and receive rewards.

   "All users who contribute hash power to the ETC Pool during the Promotion Period will enjoy zero pool fees for ETC mining."

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Users can apply for VIP membership by sending an e-mail to to increase the hashrate level. In addition, users can enjoy discounted fees in VIP membership. According to the official announcement, the terms and conditions allow Binance to disqualify any fraudulent participant.

Other mining pools such as Ethermine, Antpool,, and F2Pool also support Ethereum Classic (ETC). Some even offer “zero” mining fees for ETC mining. has launched an ETC mining pool that offers 3 months of free ETC mining. Meanwhile, the largest ETC mining pool F2Pool has invited miners to ETC, RVN, CFX and other cryptocurrencies. F2Pool started charging “Zero” commission fees for ETC mining until September 30.

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Uniswap support, which is important for Ethereum, has arrived

Uniswap said it will support the Ethereum update. Additionally, the exchange informed users that no Ethereum hard fork or tokens will be supported in the web app. Last week, Uniswap Labs stated that they are looking forward to the Ethereum network transition. The move to PoS is expected to ultimately benefit both Uniswap and Ethereum, as Uniswap is the largest decentralized exchange on Ethereum. The company believes this is an important step in scaling web3 and will quickly reduce the environmental impact of Ethereum.