Binance Lists MAV, 34th Project At Launchpool

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it will list Maverick Protocol’s native asset, MAV, the 34th project on Binance Launchpool. The listing will be on MAV/BTC, MAV/USDT and MAV/TUSD trading pairs at 2023-06-28 08:00 (UTC).

Maverick Protocol offers a new infrastructure for decentralized finance (DeFi), powered by the revolutionary Automated Market Maker (AMM), built to facilitate access to the most liquid markets for investors, traders, liquidity providers, DAO treasurers and developers.

Maverick is a composable decentralized finance infrastructure that enables founders and liquidity providers to achieve high capital efficiency and implement their desired LP strategy. At its core is Maverick AMM, the first Dynamic Distribution AMM that gives liquidity providers more flexibility in choosing where to put their liquidity, allowing their liquidity to automatically track price.

Maverick’s mission is to eliminate the inefficiency of decentralized finance by helping users put their liquidity where they can most do business. Maverick AMM facilitates a wide range of LP strategies, including strategies that increase the capital efficiency of both fixed product and range AMMs. Moreover, by automating a range of liquidity strategies natively, Maverick enables all classes of users to take advantage of dynamic concentrated liquidity.

Maverick has proven to be a powerful AMM for liquid staking protocols to attract TVL and volume. For example, Maverick AMM has facilitated substantial wstETH transaction volume since its launch in March 2023. With the release of more LST protocols, the liquidity and volume competition between these protocols is expected to intensify. Between its unique position as the ideal AMM for LSTs and the upcoming Voting Trust model, Maverick could become the battleground for the upcoming “liquid stake wars”.

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