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Binance: Global Companies Building Metaverse

Binance, the world’s largest spot and derivatives cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has shared a new tweet about Metaverse as of today. Binance stated that the metaverse has been adopted.

Underlining that 6 companies are very critical for the Metaverse sector, Binance said:

“Metaverse adoption is on the rise, and for this reason big companies are exploring its potential. Here we look at 6 companies who are well on their way to crafting the future of virtual reality.”

The popular cryptocurrency exchange believes that the following 6 companies can change the metaverse industry:

  • Google
  • Facebook (Meta)
  • Microsoft
  • Binance
  • Epic Games
  • Tencent

It is very important for Binance to include itself in this list. With the progress of the process, the popular stock market, which will be able to list metaverse products, can lead to huge rises in these products. After this share of Binance, some metaverse altcoins started to have upward attacks. It seems that the continued rise of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) in the coming days may provide a nice bull adventure for metaverse altcoins.

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