Binance Founder CZ Continues to Advise

The statements of Binance founder Changpeng Zhao are closely followed by crypto investors. As of this morning, Zhao, who published a new statement on his official Twitter account, once again attracted the attention of investors.

Sharing a tweet for investors who are in a difficult situation as of this morning, CZ gave the following words:

Typically, when you run out of money, you can: 1 work harder to earn more, 2 borrow more, 3 cut expenses/spendings.

Usually people think of 3 first, but I hardly see anyone talk about it nowadays.

Due to my limited, I think in simple terms.

An economic crisis continues in the world. The rise in inflation rates in all countries causes the citizens to have a hard time. Zhao emphasizes that in this crisis environment, citizens should apply the 3 items above so that they are not harmed.

Strike Moves its Global Headquarters to El Salvador

Strike aims to be the global crypto-backed equivalent of Venmo or Cash App. Led by entrepreneur Jack Mallers, the company announced that it has expanded into 65 global markets in addition to the US, El Salvador and Argentina where it already operates. Entrepreneur Jack Mallers made the following statement on the subject:

We think there are billions of people who want a money app with these features and capabilities, unlike crypto exchanges, secret, no-register licensing regimes, and the world of 1,000 different currencies.

At a time when the US crypto industry is facing regulatory uncertainty and the Securities and Exchange Commission is suing firms offering unregistered securities, Mallers said this is a validation of Strike’s Bitcoin-first approach. To remind you, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has made it clear that he sees Bitcoin as a commodity, not a security.

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