Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban, known for his sympathy for the crypto industry, made new statements about the market. Touching on many issues in his interview, Mark Cuban says that he continues to trust Bitcoin. Stating that Bitcoin is the leader of the crypto industry, the billionaire businessman announced that he took huge positions in 2 altcoins.

Noting that Bitcoin maximilists do not agree with their thoughts, Cuban adds that there is a long way ahead for BTC to become the ultimate currency in the world. Mark Cuban gave the following words about the leading cryptocurrency in his interview:

   “Bitcoin (BTC) maximalists are people who think that Bitcoin will just own the world and change the world as the ultimate currency. That's not exactly the case.”

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse also made a similar statement with Mark Cuban in an interview he attended during the week, and stated that maximalism in crypto communities harms the development of the crypto ecosystem. Garlinghouse expressed his thoughts that there are many successful projects in the crypto ecosystem and that a single project cannot dominate the entire digital asset ecosystem.

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In addition, US businessman Mark Cuban drew attention to two other cryptocurrencies he invested in. Cuban, who is known as a staunch Ethereum advocate in line with his statements many times in the past, once again expressed that he has invested quite a lot in these two cryptocurrencies, ETH and MATIC.

"That's why I have huge Ethereum and Polygon positions"

Explaining why he invested in altcoins rather than Bitcoin, the famous businessman stated that he opened huge positions for Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC).

   “There are tokens that have utility like Ethereum. They have these things called smart contracts and they let you trade different products. Be it NFTs or insurance contracts in Etherem, they have a lot of features. So I have huge positions on Ethereum and Polygon. These two altcoins I continue to believe."