Biggest SHIB Whale Receives Another 1.5 Trillion Tokens

The lawsuits filed against Coinbase and Binance in the USA and the global economic situation cause further discussions about which direction cryptocurrencies will evolve. In this period of discussion, whale movements are closely followed by companies and individuals.

A whale, which is the largest Shiba Inu investor with 5.3 trillion SHIB in hand, made a brand new and big purchase hours before the release of the US inflation data. Whale bought 1.5 trillion SHIB through Binance and Coinbase exchanges. The fact that both exchanges are in litigation with the SEC makes the situation even more interesting. The purchases soon attracted the attention of on-chain analysis companies in the market. This person or institution that owns the address starting with “0x40B3” sent 20 trillion SHIB from his account to this address starting with “0x73AF”. However, the mystery behind this transfer still remains unknown.

On social media, it is stated that these new purchases may be related to Shiba Inu’s L2 solution, Shibarium. Shytoshi Kusama, one of the lead developers of Shiba Inu, stated that Shibarium could be implemented in early July before August. This may mean that some investors are chasing opportunities at a time when the market is bottoming out.

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