The number of Metaverse-themed trademark applications filed so far in 2022 exceeded last year's, as companies seek to protect their property rights online.

This was noted by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, according to data shared on Tuesday. According to data collected by intellectual property lawyer Mike Kondoudis on Tuesday, the number of individual and corporate applications filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office regarding crypto money and crypto money services exceeded 3,600 as of August 31. In 2021, a total of 3,516 applications were made. In addition, the lawyer explained that there has been a greater increase in NFT applications, with a total of 2,087 applications made in 2021, while in 2022 more than 5,008 hundred applications have been received so far.

   "So far in 2022 over 5800 trademark apps have been filed with the USPTO for NFTs (and related goods/services)
Jan: 646
Feb: 781
March: 1078
April: 886
May: 747
June: 718
July: 530
Aug: 502

The 2021 total was 2087."


The number of companies filing trademark applications for Web3 services peaked in late 2021 after a lawsuit involving NFT bags. French luxury fashion brand Hermes has filed a lawsuit against Metabirkin NFT creator Mason Rotherschild, whose OpenSea collection includes digital versions of the iconic Birkin bag from Hermes. While the lawsuit was pending, Hermes sought to further strengthen web3 trademark protection by filing a trademark application on August 26.

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has stopped several Metaverse trademark applications for Gucci and Prada. In the applications made last year, it was revealed that the two applicants (Fenesha Holmes and Reath Mohammed) had no connection with the companies. A similar increase in trademark applications is seen in NFT patents. According to Kondoudis, more than 5,800 trademark applications were filed in 2022. This figure was 2,087 for the full year 2021. Metaverse and NFT projects are generally built on cryptocurrency networks.