CVS Health is set to become Metaverse's first pharmacy. The pharmacy and healthcare company has filed a trademark application to sell virtual goods and NFTs, as well as offer healthcare services, joining major companies such as Walmart and Nike.

“Prescription Medicines, Beauty and Personal Care Products Can Be Delivered NFT”

In its filing with the U.S. Patent Trade Office, CVS says it wants to trademark its logo and offer downloadable virtual goods, including "prescription drugs, health, beauty, and personal care products," along with an online store.

CVS pharmacy

The company's trademark application, filed on February 28, has recently become viewable on the US Patent Office's website.

In addition, CVS aims to carry the health services it offers in-store and the remote health platform to the virtual environment.

He stated that the company aims to provide nutrition and wellness coaching, non-emergency medical treatment services, wellness programs, nutrition-related counseling services, and healthy lifestyle services in its trademark application.

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben said there has been a surge in corporate metaverse filings since Facebook announced it was renaming it Meta.

   “All the companies on the Fortune 500 list started filing trademark applications with the idea of ​​‘how do we move on new platforms like cryptocurrencies and Metaverse.’ Despite this, I haven’t seen any virtual health clinic-themed applications like CVS’s in the past few months.”