Although crypto money markets are seen as volatile and risky, analysts and investors can see this as a buying opportunity. At this point, analyzes and forecasts are followed in the crypto money market.

Suppoman, one of the popular analysts of the market, shared his analysis on five altcoins, which he claims can make his investor rich and predicts an increase of up to 1000 times in his video shared on his YouTube channel. These are PolkaPad, Everdome, VLaunch, Gamesta Guild and Geopoly altcoins.


The first cryptocurrency project on the analyst's list is PolkaPad, which will be a launchpad for first-level Polkadot projects and parachains. Therefore, projects launched on major blockchains or smart contract platforms can also launch with PolkaPad. According to the statements made, the network established by the main initiatives and PolkaPad will launch the first level Polkadot projects together. In other words, the analyst states that there is a high probability that quality projects will be released on PolkaPad. The analyst states that PolkaPad will be available with a market cap of $170,000, which is a great opportunity.



Everdome, which will be released on December 20, is the second cryptocurrency on the analyst's list. Because the analyst considers Everdome to be one of the biggest metaverse projects. According to the statements, Everdome offers a hyper-realistic world and promises 16k HD reality. In addition, it is stated that the biggest opportunity in Everdome is to buy and rent land. Because it is stated that Everdome is also a great platform for digital advertising, and therefore the land can be rented for advertising. Everdome was created to offer a much more advanced metaverse than we've seen in other projects and therefore this altcoin has tremendous bullish potential.



The third crypto gem on Suppoman's list is VLaunch (VPAD). Because it is stated that VLaunch receives support from influencers and is a multichain launchpad. It is thought that VPAD holders can make big profits in the future. Because it is stated that there will be collaborations with projects such as Avalanche and Solana over time. Thus, it is stated by the analyst that there may be increases of up to 1000 times in the price of crypto money with both influencer support and new developments.


Gamesta Guild and Geopoly

According to the analyst, the last two altcoins with enormous potential in 2022 will be Gamesta Guild and Geopoly (GEO). According to the analyst, these two cryptocurrencies have the potential to become popular in 2022, both with the developments they have signed and the area they serve.