Famous analyst Flood announced that he is supporting an altcoin project that aims to ensure interoperability and helps bridge the gap between different blockchain projects. Flood predicts that this altcoin will experience a tremendous price explosion in 2022 and 2023.

Flood, to his more than 194k Twitter followers, listed the reasons behind his claim as altcoin Synapse (SYN) has the potential to make insane gains in the next two years.

   “It's simple math, EVM [Ethereum Virtual Machine] smart contract platforms have a combined market capitalization of $700 billion and are predicted to reach $12 trillion by 2023. Synapse's superior user experience, hyper-efficient liquidity delivery and the largest in crypto space With one of its developer teams, it is certain that it will become the world's leading cross-chain bridge and capture at least 10% of this $1.2 trillion market cap by 2023. SYN price can reach as high as $2,400. Bears and feeders (fear, uncertainty and doubts) ) sell whatever they want, I will continue to accumulate SYNs."

The Ethereum Virtual Machine is a blockchain-based software platform where developers create decentralized applications (DApps). Eliminates the need for advanced hardware when creating smart contracts.

Synapse to USD Chart

The SYN fund is trading at $3.04, up nearly 3% in 24 hours. Flood's price prediction of $2,400 per token represents a mind-blowing 84,407 percent rise for SYN. The Synapse project is mentioned on the official website as follows.

   “By enabling decentralized, permissionless transactions between any L1, sidechain, or L2 ecosystem, Synapse powers integrated blockchain activities such as asset transfers, swaps, and generalized messaging with cross-chain functionality. Altcoin SYN provides its holders with governance issues at SynapseDAO (decentralized autonomous organization) provides voting rights and pays network gas fees."

Another cryptocurrency analyst who was interested in SYN and said he had high expectations was Smart Contracter. Smart Contracter said the following about SYN in a post on Twitter.

   “The SYN chart looks great against ETH on a weekly basis here, allowing you to bridge from any chain to almost any chain.”