Biden’s New Communications Director Has Crypto Connections

It turned out that Ben LaBolt, who was appointed as the communications director for US President Joe Biden, is a crypto investor. According to the assets disclosed, LaBolt has BTC and ETH investments. The value of these investments is stated to be in the range of 50 to 100 thousand dollars. LaBolt; Uniswap also listed companies such as Coinbase, Meta, and Andreessen Horowitz as former clients.

LaBolt, who joined the administration last month, will be allowed to advise on the president’s approach to regulating cryptocurrency and social media companies, according to a White House statement. However, he will not be involved in contracts, investigations and legal matters with crypto companies.

It is noteworthy that LaBolt’s appointment was made while the Biden administration sought to increase its role in the crypto industry. The new White House communications director was also the spokesperson for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

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