Benefits of Dogechain for Dogecoin Users

Although it has been announced that Dogechain is not a project related to Dogecoin, the beneficial aspects of the project for Dogecoin users draw attention.

Launched nine years ago by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, the Dogecoin project enables peer-to-peer payments on a decentralized network. But the web3 ecosystem hasn’t done much other than using it as a form of payment for buying, selling, tips, crowdsourcing, and fundraising. Incorporating Dogecoin into NFTs, games, Doge-themed projects like DeFi and more is now possible thanks to Dogechain, which gives developers access to Web3.

Roc Zacharias, CEO of Lunar Digital Assets and Co-Founder of QuickSwap, explained that Dogechain is not a Dogecoin-related project. However, the widely used Dogecoin can be scaled with the help of Dogechain, which uses less energy to run dApps and streamline transactions. Thanks to its Polygon Edge structure and compatibility with Ethereum connectivity, Dogechain stands out as a bridge that can run Ethereum-specific software such as applications and games. Dogecoin users can exchange DOGE with wDOGE proof-of-stake tokens and use it as a bridge to access DeFi, NFTs, gas fee payments, participation in DAOs, and other services.

Grant applications can also be made by projects aiming to build and build on Dogechain. What are you doing to increase the use of DOGE? Is it fun?” Questions like these may be some of the most important requirements to receive grants, ecosystem assistance or co-marketing.

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