Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal sees the bear market as a very positive situation for blockchain developers. Nailwal describes the bear market as a noiseless building. Thinking that this opportunity is very convenient and beneficial for developers, Nailwal believes that the stagnant environment opportunity in the bear market should be turned into an advantage by the developers and this opportunity should be used to launch new products.

Speaking at a panel he attended online at Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) 2022, Nailwal expressed his thoughts as follows:

   "The best thing about the bear market is that there are no buyers. The bear market offers the cheapest prices to find employees and is also the best place to market and promote products because nobody spends that much."

Polygon Network's Transaction Fees Drop 90%

Offering an Ethereum-based Layer-2 solution, Polygon Network has managed to reduce transaction fees by about 90 percent with the Zero-Knowledge (ZK) update released on the testnet recently. With this testnet, transactions on the Polygon network are expected to be more attractive and interesting to users.

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Altcoin project Ripple has been cited by Fortune Magazine as one of the best medium business environments

Altcoin project Ripple is ranked 34th on this year's list, which is one place lower compared to 2021. According to Fortune, Ripple has a total of 575 employees worldwide. Although the altcoin has faced many legal issues in the US due to the SEC lawsuit, the company has managed to continue its expansion around the world.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse commented, "It's always nice to get some third-party appreciation." Garlinghouse also thanked his employees and added that they were the ones who made the company one of the best.

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Fortune partnered with global data analytics and consulting firm Great Place to Work to identify the best business environments for 2022. Big Ass Fans, a Kentucky-based company that manufactures fans, lights, and controls, was at the top of the latest list. Jobot, a California-based company specializing in recruiting and recruiting personnel, is in second place. Greenhouse, an American technology company that provides recruiting software, Lattice, a San Francisco, California-based people success platform that helps with workforce management, and Braze, a New York-based client engagement platform, are also in the top five.