Bankman-Fried Speaks For The First Time About Suspicious Wallet Movements

Days after Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of the sinking FTX exchange, was released on bail, trading company Alameda’s wallets have seen multiple movements. A total of $1.7 million worth of cryptocurrencies came out of 30 wallets the previous day, and their traces were lost through mixer applications that hide transactions. Ethereum-based tokens in wallets have been converted to ETH, USDT and BTC.

After the transactions were noticed, users reacted greatly to the situation and to the US authorities. Some likened the exchange of coins to abuse. Others questioned the bail conditions, asking why Bankman-Fried had been granted internet access. It remains unclear whether the transactions were made by Bankman-Fried. Blockchain detective ZachXBT, who is skeptical of suggestions that the transfers may have been made by FTX liquidators; He said they are unlikely to use services like FixedFloat or ChangeNow.

Bankman-Fried, who has been under house arrest at his family’s home in California since December 22, after being released on $250 million bail, made a statement on the subject on his Twitter account. Bankman-Fried said, “I am none of this. I do not, nor can I carry, any of these funds… because I no longer have access to them.” replied in the form.

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