Back bets on $100,000 BTC prediction

Adam Back, CEO and founder of Blockstream, made a bet about when Bitcoin will hit $ 100,000. Back made predictions about the price of BTC with the anonymous user @Vikingobbitcoin on Twitter. In his Twitter speech yesterday, the anonymous user stated that Bitcoin will not be 100 thousand dollars until 2025, while Back said that this price will come before the 2024 halving.

According to the duo’s claim, if Back’s prediction amounts to $100k by March 31, 2024, an anonymous user named @Vikingobbitcoin will pay 1 million satoshis. If the opposite happens, Back will make the payment. 1 million satoshi is equivalent to $290 at today’s price. Although such claims are generally known for million-dollar squabbles, the duo made a bet for a rather symbolic number.

As it will be remembered, Back said a while ago that Bitcoin could reach 1 million dollars with the halving in 2032. Adam Back is especially known as one of the names that made the first period of Bitcoin mining. The fact that Back was British and Satoshi Nakamoto wrote with an English accent from time to time led to comments that Back could also be Satoshi. On the other hand, Samson Mow, known for his support for Bitcoin, like Back, said that the biggest crypto money will do ATH before the halving.

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