Azuki Introduces New NFT Collection

A new collection of popular blue-chip NFT collection Azuki is released, inspired by elements found in its ecosystem. According to the press release, Azuki Elementals consists of 20,000 NFTs on the ecosystem elements earth, fire, lightning and water. The collection includes different levels that will reveal unique features in each mint.

The sale, which will be available as a Dutch Auction on Tuesday, will start at 2 ETH (around $2,800) and priority will be given to owners of BEANZ, another Azuki collection. Every five minutes, the NFT price will drop by 0.1 ETH, or $187, until all remaining 10,000 NFTs are sold. Some of the NFTs in the new collection were airdropped at an event called “Follow the Rabbit” held in Las Vegas on Friday.

According to a tweet from Azuki owner and event attendee Charlie G, the airdrop winners have won a soulbound token as well as an undisclosed Azuki Elemental NFT. Data from OpenSea shows that the base price of Azuki is 15.3 ETH, or about 29 thousand dollars. The project currently has a trading volume of 560,795 ETH, or just over $1 billion. BEANZ’s base price is 1.28 ETH, or $2,500, and its trading volume is about $300 million.

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